How to report a lost item in Paris ?

Online report plateform

> You can report a lost item via an online form by clicking here.
This reporting service is translated into English and Spanish, accessible 24 hours a day on the website

lost found paris

Lost item in the city of Paris

Where : Public place, street, sidewalk, monument, public park, square and public garden, road, bench, square, subway, RER, bus, night bus, tramway, etc.

It’s the main lost & found office in Paris managed by the Paris Police Prefecture.
Adress : 36 Rue des Morillons 75015 Paris

You can report your lost items with an online form :

Lost item in a airport in Paris

For the airport Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) & airport Orly (ORY) : you can report your lost item on this page :

For the airport Paris Beauvais (BVA), you can contact the airport by using an online form :

Lost item in a Metro / RER / Bus RATP

If the item was lost less than 5 days ago, we invite you to contact the Customer Service of RATP by phone at 3246 (0.80€/min + call price)
Service available only from a telephone with a French telephone operator.

If you’re still in Paris, you can directly ask a staff member of the RATP to assiste you for your lost item.

If the item was lost more than 5 days ago, we invite you to make your declaration online here by providing a detailed description of your item.

Lost item in a train station or a train operated by SNCF

Where : Train station SNCF & Train & TER SNCF & Part of A & B line of RER

The sncf has its own lost and found service, to report a lost item :

You have to create an account to report your lost item.
The service is only in French, you can use a translation service as Google Translation to have the information in English.

List of train stations in Paris :

Gare Paris Austerlitz
85 Quai d’Austerlitz
75013 Paris

Gare Paris Bercy Bourgogne – Pays d’Auvergne
48 bis boulevard de Bercy
75012 Paris

Gare Paris Est
Place du 11 novembre 1918
75010 Paris

Gare Paris Gare de Lyon
Place Louis Armand
75571 PARIS cedex 12

Gare Paris Gare du Nord
112, rue de Maubeuge
75010 Paris

Gare Paris Montparnasse
17, Boulevard de Vaugirard
75015 Paris

Gare Paris Saint-Lazare
13, Rue d’Amsterdam
75008 Paris

Lost item in Disneyland Parc

The first lost and found office is located in the City Hall in the Disneyland parc.
The second lost and found office is located near the Studio Services in the Walt Disney Studios parc.

To report a lost item : Dlp.objets.trouves (at)

Lost item in the Eiffel Tower

You can report a lost item to the Eiffel Tower staff by e-mail : sec_dprss (at)