Lost item at Paris-Le Bourget airport

Annonce : service de signalement en ligne
Si vous le souhaitez, vous pouvez signaler la perte d'un objet en ligne via cette plateforme.
Service de signalement d'objets perdus disponible en français, anglais et espagnol sur le site objet-perdu.com

airport le bourgetParis-Le Bourget Airport is exclusively dedicated to business aviation (AITA code: LBG – OACI code: LFPB)
Paris-Le Bourget is Europe’s leading business airfield.
The aerodrome is open to non-scheduled domestic and international commercial traffic (small aircraft only), private aircraft, general aviation, IFR flight and VFR flight.

If you are a professional and have lost or forgotten an item at this airport, you can use our form to report the loss of your item.

lost bourget airport How to Report a lost item ?
Sharing information to report any lost item in this airport

List of the main objects found in Paris airports

– Suitcases and bags
– Wallet
– Phone, computer, tablet
– Documents
– Identity card and passport
– Belt
– Clothing of all kinds
– …

Airport address to send a mail

Aéroport Paris-Le Bourget
Service des objets trouvés
1 rue Désiré Lucca
93350 Le Bourget

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